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Undersheriff Breck Spaulding Speaks at Millport Hunting & Fishing Club

Breck was invited to speak at the Millport Hunting & Fishing Club in Millport by the club, and President Troy Taylor. It was Breck's honor to speak about his campaign for Schuyler County Sheriff, answer questions, and share his love for all things outdoors (especially hunting & fishing).

Clubs like the Millport Hunting & Fishing not only provide a great place for comradery with those that love the great outdoors, but they play a vital role in encouraging young hunters & fisherman, provide a beautiful space for those to enjoy what they love, and also promote some friendly competition with their many events.

Breck looks forward to visiting the club again, and taking part in some events, thank you again Troy & the club for your hospitality, it was an honor.

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